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Decaying corrupt Roman bureaucrats tried price controls – they failed then, they’ll fail now. Idiots!

In desperation to hold back the rising tide of impending financial and economic anarchy, the Financial Times editors give up on free markets and call for “regulation” of food prices.

How unsurprising.

This will inevitably lead to food shortages.  And further food market chaos. 

Evidence:  The whole of human civilization.  More specifically – Soviet Russia, North Korea, Maoist China, the dying British Empire, the dying Roman Empire, the dying Chinese Empire…

The one thing in common with all regimes calling for price controls on food is that they were all in the late stages of bureaucratic cancer.  They were dying of a brain tumour – corrupt leadership. 

The Financial Times lambasts the “financialisation” of food – the use of hedge fund strategies in the futures market to “artificially” increase the price of basic foodstuffs like wheat and barley and cocoa and coffee.

If the financialisation of food is so dangerous, why was the financialisation of another essential for human life – shelter – celebrated?  Where were the calls for “regulation” of the criminal embezzling financial markets when food prices were ridiculously low, investment in agriculture was absolutely pitiful and precious arable farmland was being swallowed up whole by financial speculation on residential housing?  That “little problem” received no attention whatsoever from the mainstream media because this deadly Ponzi scheme paid big taxes and made big returns for the banks and the City.  Now that the game has changed, the rules have to change as well.  To benefit… the consumers of food, of course.

It’s always the producer – the hard-working farmer – that gets screwed.  Until there are no farms left.

Which is where we are sooooooo close to now.

This ridiculous call for regulation of the food markets by the Financial Times is the “leading indicator” that our leaders are growing cold and senile and repeating the same mistakes all corrupt leaders have succumbed to – believing that they are “bigger” than the market.

Food prices should be higher.  Much higher.  Why?  So that farmers can invest in farmland and protect their land from predator property developers.

After Hubris comes the Fall.  And this Fall is going to the biggest of All.

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