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The Ledge is even shakier!

Central banks exist to preserve the corrupt counterfeiting inherent in the unstable fractional reserve banking fraud.  In other words, they exist to inflate.  As coin dealer Franklin Sanders put it, the Fed has two instruments at its disposal: (1) Inflation and (2) Blarney (BS).

Now the BoE is open in its support of inflation.

Trouble is, inflation expectations aren’t stable – they are dynamic.  The pound could quickly collapse with the combination of inflation and govt debt.

The bicyclist needs to keep pedalling just to stay upright.  If they stop pedalling – either because they pull their foot off the inflationary pedal or because the deflationary hill gets too steep – then the whole corrupt machine falls over into deflation or hyperinflation (currency collapse).

Similarly, when the central bankers finally end up standing on the Ledge Above the Ninth Circle of Hell (where all central bankers eventually end up) they need to keep inflating steadily or they fall into Ice or Fire.

The BoE is playing with Fire.

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