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The Final Solution

Posted on Culture of Life News by me:

Yes, but the solution can’t be gold right now.  It has to be more fiat paper, only debt free and put in the hands of the working poor to reverse the suffering they’ve experienced for over 30 years AND THEN go back to gold.

To go back to gold now would crystallize the counterfeiters’ relative wealth.  The bankers would “win”.

Ellen Brown’s suggestion of more debt to solve debt problems is madness, but she has a point – people are suffering because they are too indebted.  This can be solved by widespread default and economic collapse or by inflation.

There are no other choices.

My suggestion:

1.  Nationalize the banks
2.  Issue debt-free fiat ($20k to all American citizens per year for two years).
3.  Back to gold.
4.  Break up and then privatize the banks and implement free banking – currency can be whatever the people want to use as currency (e gold, e silver, whatever).

This is the only way to discipline the banks.

There really is no other long-term solution…

The real incomes of the working poor will likely rise.  And, crucially, you’re not going to get any political support for a return to gold if it just crystallizes the criminal gains the banksters have made in relative income terms in recent decades.

Fiat money cannot work forever – look at the disasters we are facing today – but why not use it as a one-off inflationary DEBT-FREE blast before returning to gold to equalize the playing field slightly?

Obviously all of this is hypothetical. The political establishment won’t allow either debt-free money or gold as money to circulate.

What is so clear is that they will suck the life out of the economy until every last sucker is an inch away from starvation and deep in unrepayable debt, they will leave for Geneva or the Cayman Islands, and the US will end up looking very much like Brazil.

The “elites” will fly in to pay off politicians and pay for 18 year-old hookers, and fly back to Europe with tax-free loot, more T-bonds and more Fort Knox gold.


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