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QE2 is on the horizon

I can clearly see QE2 coming into view.  Fiscal and monetary expansionism is set in concrete.  We have the most statist bunch of socialist loons running the world’s economies as we have had in two generations.  Obama is an idiot.  Bernanke is a lunatic.  The BoE is as weak as its ever been (totally owned by the City of London) and has debauched the world’s monetary systems.  A reasonable anti-inflationary central banker has apparently been removed in China, preparing the way for political interference in monetary affairs.

This is the perfect recipe for a second round of ‘stimulus’ which is just a way of saying corrupt bailouts of politically connected industries.  Power will concentrate in the political centres until the whole misallocation of resources becomes so appalling people are dying in the streets, like in Detroit, or New Orleans after Katrina, or São Paulo, or…well…like any major decaying metropolis in the West.


Possible solutions: (1) become a corrupt lobbyist or suck up to the nearest politician (2) become a govt bureaucrat (3) become a banker or central banker (4) become a prostitute or drug dealer (5) start up a security firm, protecting the elites from the starving masses (6) kill yourself before you and your family starve to death.

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