Australian GDP figures came out today and they were surprisingly strong.

Australia’s ‘acting’ (an apt expression if ever there was one) Treasurer, Mr Wayne Swan, declared proudly,  “Finance ministers elsewhere and prime ministers elsewhere would kill for a set of outcomes such as these!”

He’s not kidding.

Even this acting Prime Minister would.

The GDP figures included a sustained spike in ‘leisure and entertainment’, which includes a very interesting sub-category: gambling.  In fact, the increase in gambling ‘consumption’ was the main reason for the strong growth.  Spending on gambling now consumes more than Australia’s total food consumption!

In fact, it consumes much more than food.  It consumes families, souls, men, women, children…

It’s a silent killer.  But it kills nevertheless.  And governments live off taxes from this insidious cancer.

If this robot Wayne Swan knew anything about the dynamics of coercive government, if this vegetable had read anything about Murray Rothbard or Hans-Hermann Hoppe, if he understood that essentially governments live to kill, he never would have been so stupid as to mouth those words.

They are, inadvertently, a profound indictment on the dynamics of coercive government.

Because they are so true.

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