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We desperately need a Christian “Jubilee”!

For hundreds – perhaps thousands – of years, there have been traditions of debt-forgiveness.  These have been called Debt Jubilees.  For some reason, since the 18th century, these Debt Jubilees have gone out of favor, and the inherent illegitimacy of usury has been replaced with the ridiculous notion that unrepayable debt is – for some strange reason – the sole fault of the debtor.  It’s like we imprison the drug addict but not the drug dealer.  Both are caught in a toxic web of interdependency: the drug addict on the drug, the drug dealer on the lifestyle that comes with dealing in immorality and corruption.

Steve Keen analyzes the present monetary mess and points out the obvious: That squirting more fiat paper confetti into the system via QE will do nothing other than prop up bondholders.  It will do nothing for the real economy.  And if the insane, delusional policy makers do manage to artificially stimulate the economy, it will only be at the cost of creating an even bigger bubble through unsustainable Ponzi finance.

We need forced nationalization and then break up of the TBTF banks, a global simultaneous debt jubilee and the public trial and execution of a large number of the most significant criminals behind the current worldwide Ponzi-banking scheme.  Anything less, and we’re headed for financial Armageddon.  And if you think retrospective laws putting to death perpetrators of ‘crimes’ that were only later deemed to be illegal acts is strange, you know nothing about Nuremberg or the Tokyo trials, which were examples of the retrospective application of new international laws against previously respected government officials and military leaders, who were lauded as heros for decades in their own lands – a bit like the Goldman Sachs and central bankers of today.

If you think this extremist talk, just you wait for the next 5 years to play out.  Just.  You.  Wait.

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