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Four Corners on the political intrigue of the independent stuff up

Four Corners just presented a fascinating insider profile on the decision-making process behind the independents’ decision to support Labor.

The madness and narrow-mindedness of the process was obvious.  Small-minded losers being overawed by climate-change zealots/’experts’.  Small-minded losers trying to ‘think big’ on the ‘big issues’.  Small-minded losers trying to compare which party’s policies would deliver ‘more’ to the rah-rahs – rural and regional Australia.

Not one of them asked the most basic questions:

Who will steal the least?

Who will make the fewer governmental stuff-ups?

Who will indebt the next generation the least?

Who will control the banking establishment the most?

Who will return the country to gold and silver as money?

Instead these idiots asked the hated politician’s question:

Who will spend the most on what I want?

That’s why we got Labor: Part seduction, part corruption.

Appear far-sighted and then appeal to their greed.

The Liberals played it badly.  They left these guys alone.  They let go of the moral high ground.  They left it to the ‘experts’ to convince these idiots that the ‘clever’ thing to do would be to vote Labor.

And push us further down the path of Green-Communism.

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