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Money-printing stokes market confidence

The AFR had a headline in their finance section today along the lines of ‘Money-printing stokes market confidence.’

Other suggested headlines for the AFR in future, when QE2 kicks in:

‘Counterfeiting legalized to help stimulate the economy.’

‘Local businesses supported by king counterfeiter.’

‘Economy on a roll now that every Freemason has been given a govt-sanctioned money-printing machine.’

‘Counterfeiting allowed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to help stimulate the economy.’

‘Govt considers whether to engage Mafioso to print new currency.’

‘Gold outlawed to enable stimulus to continue indefinitely.’

‘Govt puzzled by ignorant people swapping stimulus toilet paper for real money.  Govt considers compulsory medical treatment for all delusional conspiracy-nut goldbugs.’

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