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The compelling argument for Anarchy

1.  Fractional reserve banking is inherently fraudulent.

2.  Taxation is coercive theft.

3.  Those who support or live off fractional reserve banking or government spending or the interest on government bonds are frauds or thieves or both.  Therefore all bankers, stockbrokers, bond traders, financiers, financial planners, speculative property developers, politicians, government employees, government welfare recipients, government teachers and government licensed media, banking, regulatory and legal authorities are either frauds or thieves or both.

4.  Those who are frauds or thieves should have their immorally acquired wealth confiscated and the property should be returned to its rightful owners – the legitimate producers.  The frauds and thieves should be imprisoned for the benefit of the populace, or if they try to ‘protect’ their immorally acquired property through violent means and intimidation, they must be eliminated completely to prevent the moral, social and economic cancer spreading and enslaving those remaining productive members of society.

5.  To tolerate frauds and thieves in your society is to tolerate social disorder.

6.  ‘Ordered’ fraud and theft is still fraud and theft.  ‘Ordered’ injustice is therefore disorder.  Anarchy is preferable to organized crime taking over society completely.  Anarchy is the return to natural order and natural justice.  Government is parasitic and unnatural.  Its ‘order’ is a form of disorder.

7.  If there is only anarchy on the one hand, and organized crime taking over society on the other, anarchy is to be preferred.

8.  There is only this stark choice.  Throughout history, there has only ever been this choice.

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