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ABCT slowly seeps into the mainstream…

Austrian Business Cycle Theory is hardly ‘mainstream’ but it’s getting increasing coverage.  Way, way too late, sadly.  100 years too late, unfortunately.  Ever since 1910 and that meeting on Jekyll Island.  Ever since 1913 and the creation of the Fed.  Ever since August, 1971, when the US screwed its creditors by going off gold.  Ever since QE1 in 2008.  Ever since QE2 in 2010.  Ever since QE3 in late 2012.  Ever since gold, wheat, rice, meat of all kinds and oil skyrocketed in 2014.

The establishment rag The Economist hosted two rapping economists, presumably in an attempt to be ‘hip’ in the internet age.  It failed beacause the idiots at The Economist don’t get it and act like stuffed shirts.  Because they are stuffed shirts.  So stiff they look starched.  But better that these ideas get attention late than never.

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