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Korea attacks itself

The headline is comical and insane.

So the story is undoubtedly bullshit.

Who stands to benefit from NE Asian uncertainty and possible nuclear action?

First and foremost the United States.  With its currency flagging, its economy in shambles, its defence alliances crumbling behind closed doors, with capital flying to China in anticipation of a currency appreciation, the United States was looking terribly vulnerable.

Japan and South Korea would dare not break the alliance now.

Second, Europe.  For some of the same reasons.

Third, defence contractors.

Fourth, the major international banks.

Fifth… global security analysts and secret service agents around the world.

Who stands to lose?

First, the Koreas themselves.  Who denies that in the terrible Iran-Iraq war the two biggest losers were the combatants themselves?

Second, China.  China hates instability.  The Korean Peninsula is a time bomb for them, close to Beijing, a nuclear winter would be terrible.

Third, Japan.

Fourth, the whole SE Asian region.

So who did what?

Someone doesn’t want North Korea getting long-range nuclear weapons capability.  Japan and the US.

Someone likes war.  The United States government (not the American people themselves, of course; the US government is a completely different animal).

Someone likes instability in Asia.  The United States government.

I’m not saying anything other than stating obvious facts.

The least likely initiators of this ‘war’ would be North Korea.  It wouldn’t want any trouble UNTIL it had full nuclear capacity – with long range capability.  As I understand it they don’t have that yet.

North Korea could well be led by an insane regime, a regime bent on self-destruction, knowing it is doomed.

But why now?

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