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God help Ireland

From the Bible (noted economic textbook, forgotten in today’s age):

There shall be a cancellation of debt every seven years – a creditor can only hold a debt for 6 years and must release the obligation on the seventh year. Deut 15:1-2.  
Debts of foreigners may be continued beyond seven years. Deut. 15:3.
Those who need to borrow from you are not to be turned away. Matt. 5:42.  The borrower is servant to the lender. Prov. 22:7.  
You shall not think evil and withhold loaning to your brother in need because the Seventh Year, the year of release, is at hand. You shall surely give to him and the LORD will bless you in all your works. Deut. 15:9-10.  
It is wicked to borrow and not repay. Psa. 37:21; Prov. 3:27; Rom. 13:8.  Lend to the poor and needy what is sufficient for his needs. Deut. 15:8.  
It is best to owe no man any thing. Rom. 13:8.  
Items necessary to sustain a livelihood are not to be given as a pledge (security) for a debt. Deut. 24:6; Job 24:3.  
You shall not take a widow’s garment as a pledge. Deut 24:17.  
Warnings against giving sureties for debts of others. Prov. 6:1-3; Prov. 17:18; Prov. 22:26-27.  He who is surety for a stranger will suffer for it, but one who hates being surety is secure. Prov. 11:15.  Pledges given by the poor for debt are not to be retained overnight. Exod. 22:26; Deut. 24:12-13; Job 24:9-10.  
When you lend your brother anything you shall not go into his house to take his pledge, but rather he shall bring the pledge out to you. Deut 24:10-11.  The righteous man restores to the debtor his pledge, but the unrighteous does not restore a pledge. Ezek. 18:5, 7, 12

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