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No one (and I mean no one) understands the full implications of the nuclear holocaust unfolding on the coast of Japan.

Some obvious implications:

1.  Spraying sea water on machinery was desperate madness.  That has caused multiple unintended effects, not the least of which is contaminated water leaking all around the plant.

2.  No one (NO ONE) is talking about the tonnes and tonnes of spent fuel rods.  What is the state of the storage pools?

3.  No one (NO ONE) is giving out any solution long-term, apart from continual, dangerous spraying of the buildings, causing (1) radioactive steam to leak (2) water to leak (3) machinery to break down and crack and be damaged even more.

4.  No one (NO ONE) is talking about the cracks in the reactors themselves.

Plutonium has a half-life of tens of thousands of years.  Other substances have shorter half-lives, burning hard and early, causing massive radiation in strong bursts.  Both are deadly.  Both have their problems.  Both should be contained.

5.  No one (NO ONE) has a clue how radioactive fallout can be physically touched, handled, re-stored and removed.  This is the madness of nuclear planning.  It is the ultimate porcupine problem – easy to construct, impossible to dismantle.

Given the madness of the engineering in this plant, what other disasters are out there from the mad scientists of the world?

6.  The fear of contamination will (a) drive food prices much much higher (b) cause unknowable population movements (c) disrupt the supply chain out of Japan, perhaps FOREVER (d) shrink capital flows out of Japan perhaps FOREVER (e) potentially cause worldwide food shortages.

7.  At some point the system will break down and we’ll all be on our own and we’ll need food and water.  That’s clean.  How much time to we have to stock up?  What’s the point when you come to replenish and all you have is radiated food?

8.  No one (NO ONE) is thinking about the morale destroying, soul sapping implications of this disaster.  The USSR shrunk to a pea then died after Chernobyl – a much smaller disaster by scale of fuel threatening the planet and the vulnerability of sea life in this disaster.  What the Hell is going to happen to Japan and the capitalist West?

9.  The cover-ups have been WORSE than the USSR and Chernobyl, if that’s possible.  Worse.  We have no idea what’s going on.  No one is giving out accurate information.  Are the plebs in Asia being lined up to die?  What the Hell is going on?

The gold standard would have stopped madness like this because the eggheads would never have been given the money to put their crazy ideas into action.

Now it’s too late.

Fucking stupid.  So fucking stupid.

I’m buying cereal and water and basic foods and I’m going to store them.  This is as good as it gets in terms of food quality.  It’s all downhill from here.

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