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Extremists break government guidelines

Crazy extremists warning people of the truth about Fukushima and ignoring government warnings about staying away from the area have escaped wise, sane government censors to post this disturbing video:

The sane, wise government is trying to protect you from the crazy people like those found in this video.

Please obey all government directives to keep drinking tap water in Japan, to travel to work, to get immunized, to spend on your credit card and to pay your taxes.

Any deviation from these guidelines could result in arrest.

Please do not watch this video.  It has been made by crazy extremists.  We are the sane ones.  We are from the government and all our planning – where to locate nuclear power plants, what safety inspections are required around plants, what deals should be done with nuclear power companies – is in the public interest.

Have a nice day and please follow all government directives in future.

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