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Commodities assassinated along with OBL

The big boys did a raid on gold, silver and oil this week.  What are the implications?

Either QE really will end in June, causing a complete collapse in stocks, economic activity and all commodities.

Or this is a head-fake during the monetary end-game, where we are pausing before more QE, more monetary debasement and therefore more inflation.

Obviously I have no idea which one it is.  Given the Bernanke’s record, I can’t believe he’ll allow deflation. 

But stranger things have happened.

As I’ve said many times before, be in gold silver and cash.  If deflation kicks in, cash will serve you well.  If hyperinflation kicks in, gold and silver will serve you well.

What won’t serve you well is high margin in residential or stocks.  Because it’s not liquid when you are in crisis.

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