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Why silver

Why am I a buyer of silver at $45?

1.  Record shorting by the banks (particularly JP Morgan) means there’s record levels of suppression of the price.  This is undeniable.

2.  COMEX has lifted margins 5 times in recent months.  5 times.  5 times.  Why? 

3.  Silver has incredible physical properties.  Conductivity.  Durability.  Anti-bacterial.  Incredible.  Those uses are becoming more important by the day.

4.  China has to offload $3 trillion – $3,000,000,000,000 – in Treasuries as the US debases and inflates to Hell.  The total value of silver worldwide is only worth $3,500,000,000  ($3.5 billion) at $10/ounce.  What do you think they are going to do when they diversify?  China could buy the whole world’s silver supply with 10% of their Treasuries.  10%.

5.  Silver is money like gold is money.  It isn’t. Until it is.  And it has more uses that gold.  And it’s a smaller market.  And it’s held by fewer people, fewer central banks and fewer bankers. 

6.  The silver ratio should therefore be at historical highs.  It is, but this makes sense.  It should keep going up. 

Silver has – and will – outperform gold.  And gold will outperform stocks.  And stocks will outperform bonds.  And bonds will outperform cash.

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