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My take on Libertariansim

Is there anything wrong with Libertarianism or anarcho-capitalism?

Not in my view, not if it is adopted in a whole-hearted manner.

However, if externalities (pollution) are not “priced in” so people can sue for damage to their air or their water or their fish, clearly there’s a problem.  Also public goods are difficult or impossible to supply in a full Libertarian model.

Most Libertarians believe there no “real” public goods.  Police could be contracted out to gated communities.  Insurance companies could deal with most govt functions.

However if there are externalities and public goods in the “real world” then some government is necessary.

So that is the ideal solution?

Lots of governments, competing for people.

That’s why Europe flourished whilst China died.  China had centuries of central government.  That government had no competition so it grew fat and lazy. Europe had lots of countries and governments and people could move if they were taxed and regulated to death.

Let the number of states explode and the geographic reach of those states shrink.  Let Victoria or WA secede in Australia.  Let the South secede from the North.  Let people then decide where to live.

And let there be hundreds of countries and currencies and let them be freely traded everywhere.

That is the solution to our problems.

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