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The Fable

There was once a peaceful and talented community that had escaped oppression in the Old World and had found paradise in the New World.

They had gold and silver as money, believed in limited government, distrusted banks and financiers and believed those who were most talented should be allowed to get ahead.  They hated shysters and establishment money.  They hated hypocrites and the unGodly.

To celebrate, they decided to design and create a flying ship.  An engineering marvel to excite children and adults alike.

The best qualified engineers were put to work.  The best artisans shaped the aluminium.  The best designers designed the interior.

They launched the floating, flying boat to worldwide amazement and envy.  They themselves envied no one.  They celebrated their talents and flew through the sky.

The prettiest, most qualified girls were chosen as stewardesses.  No one complained.  The bravest, most knowledgeable and skilled pilots were chosen to fly.  They were mostly men.  No one complained.  Everyone respected the crew because everyone knew they were the best – they deserved their place at the head of the plane.  There were some male airline stewards – that’s what they wanted to do and they passed their requirements and everyone was fine with that.  It just so happened that most were women.  There were some female pilots – that what they wanted to do and they passed their requirements and everyone was fine with that.  Because of the integrity of the recruitment and selection process and the rigorous training, everyone knew that the people who came out of that system as qualified employees deserved their role.

One day a passenger saw a small group of desperate screaming people outside the window of the plane.  The group was clinging on for dear life to one of the wings, screaming that they had been attacked and nearly killed.

Some passengers wanted to bring the desperate people in.  “We are a generous people, we have enough, they will die!” they said.

Others said, “They are from the Old World, here to trick us.  Don’t let them in!”

Eventually the naive passengers decided to let them in, over the objections of the cynical ones.

Initially the refugee passengers behaved well.  They were hungry and ate everything they were given.  They seemed hardworking.  They kept to the themselves.

But they were a jealous people.   They resented not being at the front of the plane.  They schemed and planned how to take over the plane – to enslave the very people who had, only a short time before, been compassionate enough to save their lives.  This is what these people did – go from plane to plane screaming they had been persecuted, only to screw over the passengers once they were allowed in.

They convinced a small group of young people to allow paper tokens to be used as money on the plane to buy things.

Once this was allowed, they started printing the tokens themselves.  They started buying off pilots and stewardesses.

Soon they themselves were at the front of the plane.

Everyone still thought the system was just fine.  Everyone thought these people were talented and deserved their roles at the head of the plane. But it wasn’t.  The system of choosing pilots had been corrupted by funny money.

The new pilots were second generation refugees who had no history of plane design and didn’t care about the passengers.  They partied with the pretty stewardesses and allowed a small group of corrupt passengers into the cabin for parties.

Meanwhile the plane flew on autopilot for much longer than it was ever designed to.

The mountains loomed.  The party continued.

Until it didn’t.

And then no qualified pilot knew what to do.

Everyone except a few second-generation refugees who knew the scale of their own corruption (and a few cynical passengers who had not been seduced by their charms) did not think to put their parachutes on.

The refugees were prepared and went the plane was in the early stages of a downward spiral, they suddenly parachuted to next plane to scream that they had been persecuted by the last group of passengers.

The few cynical passengers tried to warn the new plane’s passengers but were ignored.

And so the cycle continued again.

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