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They’re dying NOW!

PK tries to cut into the soft underbelly of Libertarianism – the argument that its cold and heartless and will just let people die if they aren’t insured.

Hey, PK, guess what – people are dying RIGHT NOW from lack of care.  They died in their millions in Russia.  They are dying now in the US in the current system.

The issue is whether the economic system creates enough wealth for people to have enough savings to decide what to do with their savings – insure, not insure etc.

The Soviet Union had reasonable healthcare but at the cost of the whole economic system.

The US has one of the most regulated, bureaucratic healthcare systems in the world.

Economics is about hard choices – about the study of scarcity.  For someone like PK to avoid the scarcity issue altogether (government = good, free market = bad) just shows how analytically shallow he really is.


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