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Government efficiency!

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We all know governments are snake pits of deception, criminality, immorality and thieving avarice.

But I see now this is all in the interests of efficiency!  You see, they’ve been trying to save on signage:

Just think of this sign whenever you see a government bureaucrat in any department – education, health, transport – and you will know exactly what they are planning.


Interesting rant by an anonymous protester at Occupy Sydney

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Thugs of Sydney

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Check out the skinhead beating up and physically binding – effectively molesting – a young, beautiful, innocent, unarmed, unprotected girl.

Oh… hold on.

Is that a NSW cop?

It can’t be because he’s not in uniform.

So what the f*ck is that skinhead doing there?  Private security?  Off duty cop?  Who knows.

But he seems to be getting off on it, whoever he is.

Meet the new face of NSW police.  Skinhead.  Putting his knees into a young girl’s butt.

He loves his job.  You can clearly see that.

And – incredibly – there’s no one there to arrest him for his absolutely obscene, violent, unprovoked and potentially illegal behaviour.

Who is policing the f*cking cops?

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Brual state police crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy protesters

October 23, 2011 Leave a comment

No.  Not Syria.  Or Libya.  Or Egypt.  Or even London.


I went there this afternoon.  Martin Place had cops drinking lattes and the whole square was wiped clean.  Nothing remained.

Homeless people – who weren’t protesting – were allowed to stay.  To camp.  To urinate.  To live there.

So the rules in Australia are as follows – if you have a message, you will be arrested for breaching city by-laws against ‘camping’.

But if you’re just a loser and homeless, you’re allowed to shit and piss in the streets as much as you like, as long as you don’t hold up a sign saying ‘I’m forced to shit in the street because of the corrupt government’.

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Alexa for Ron Paul

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God help us

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The Fed

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