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The full extent of the disaster is almost incomprehensible

To sum up:

The world is based on debt.  We have a debt-based monetary system.  Those who have money (generally) have not had to save and invest (with risk) for the money, but have stolen wealth through government largesse, counterfeiting or outright theft.  Think Russian mafia. Think Paulson.  Think Madoff.  Think 99% of all major bankers in the world today.  There are very few Steve Jobs in the world.  In fact, there was only one, and he is dead.

So the 1% is – generally – corrupt and venal and undeserving.

So yes, we need that money taken away.  Not because they are rich.  But because the way in which they became rich was wrong, is wrong, and will continue to be wrong for as long as we have the current monetary system.

But the system is so infected with fraud there is no solution now.

Austerity won’t work because contracting money supply will put everyone into negative equity.  The system is flawed – so horribly that there is no escape with the current system.

The bankers make money so easily they just need to lend money to someone – anyone – and they make interest on the new debt money.  So now it’s governments they make money from, after the private economy has died.  Once the national governments have died they will make money off IMF debt.

Because all money is based on debt, collapsing demand for debt = contracting money.  Contracting money = depression.

Those private individuals in debt will die.

The solution?  Well, it could be simply giving money to those in debt, to “compensate” for the debt-fraud that got them in to debt in the first place.

But then you must have a transition to a sound monetary system.

And that’s not going to happen.

So the solution will be that the frogs will be slowly boiled alive by the banks.

The individual solution?  Be a banker or government official, as high up as you can.  And stay there.

There is no other solution in an environment of contracting debt.

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