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Most Evil People in Australia – 2011

Let’s recap the appalling year that was 2011.  Worldwide recession.  Unprecedented environmental catastrophes, including Fukushima (the disaster that still has no solution).  Banking bailouts.  Corrupt politicians.  Authoritarianism in the West, chaos in the Middle East.  No solutions.  None.

Instead of reviewing events, let’s focus on the human causes of the catastrophe.

In the US, the evil agents of world government, banking control of the economy, political corruption are all out in the open.  Gringrich.   Every senior executive of Goldman Sachs.  Every Federal Reserve Bank official since 1913.

But what about little old Australia?  Who are the most evil agents here?

My vote for most evil agents in 2011:

1. Glenn Stevens: Continuing stealth bailout of banks, facilitating the concentration (and ultimate collapse) of the Big Four model, all-round idiot, slimy to boot.  Nasty piece of work.

2. Wayne Swan (and the nameless senior bureaucrats in Treasury).  Massive stealth bailouts of banks.  Covered bonds allowed to be issued by banks.  Appalling systemic corruption at the highest levels between Macquarie Bank and senior government officials.  Sickening.  Perhaps just a passenger, with Treasury officials from the banks doing the heavy lifting, but sickening nevertheless.

3.  All CEOs of the major banks.  Toothy tiger, Gail Kelly.  Fat British bulldog Smithy.  New Zealand imposters, Clyne and Narev.  Notice how none of them are Aussies.  Can’t have national loyalties when you’re screwing the debt slaves down and crucifying them day after day.  John Symonds is the most misrepresented financial figure in Australia (possibly ever).  Treated as the battler’s hero.  But is a stooge for major financial institutions and is a big reason for the blowing of the housing bubble.  Is an absolute pest, who brings down interest rates only to inflate bubbles and increase private debt levels when they should be contracting.  Should not exist in genuinely free financial markets.

4.  Most mining executives in Australia.  The environmental catastrophe from fracking, water pollution, cyanide poisoning from gold production… the list goes on.  Disasters.  Nearly all of them.

5.  Lowys.  Ripping the heart out of Australian retail.  Oxford Street, Paddington is dying.  So is Chapel Street.  We are forced into rat holes and rabbit warrens to eat and shop.

6.  Triguboff.  Of course.  Worse quality mass private housing in Australia since Theeman.  Destroys local communities with soulless housing mainly for overseas buyers.  Terrible scourge.

But, in essence, we don’t have really evil forces, because we’re just dumb-ass agents of forces created overseas.

Lack of originality seeps into every corner, even into evil.  We’re too derivative even to have good quality evil in this country.

Thank God for small blessings.

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