Crazy Gibson

Leftie Carl Gibson gets space to rant:

Ron Paul and his right-libertarian ideology does espouse a new kind of freedom, just as rebellious children who fantasize about running away from home dream of a new kind of freedom. But as much as we may have rebelled against our parents as little kids, we eventually matured and realized that the rules and regulations our parents imposed on us were meant so we’d grow up to be responsible, functioning adults in society.

An unregulated little kid free to eat junk food and play video games all day won’t ever learn the responsibilities of adulthood. And an unregulated society where every individual is out for themselves will quickly collapse.

Who are the “parents” in an adult society of men and women?  The government?  Who believes they have more knowledge or wisdom than the rest of society?

What if there are no “parents” once everyone is an adult?  Isn’t that true?

If that is the case, who regulates the regulators?  And why should government officials be our overlords or parents when they so clearly are not?  They are just guys out to make a buck and feed their families like everyone else.  Except they mint their own coins.


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