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Oh F*ck… Here it comes

ZeroHedge reports we have around 12 months before a complete collapse of banking worldwide and capital controls and forced purchases of government bonds and… disaster.

I’ve been waiting for this tsunami for 10 years.  I feel it’s close.  You can tell when the papers go silent on the disaster that is increasing bond yields in the ex-German Eurozone and when bank runs in Spain are simply NOT REPORTED AT ALL.

Even the elites are running scared, getting their own cash out of the system and into Switzerland – a country that is so flooded with money they are looking to impose capital controls.

Everyone is scared.  When the vampires and psychopaths are scared, you’d better prepare.  Something big is going down.

Solutions?  Out of stocks.  Into Australian govt bonds and cash and gold.  And food.  And guns.  And ammo.

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