Doom loop

In the past, markets worked, gold and silver was money, and monarchies kept their power small and tolerable.

Now, markets are blamed (when banks should be), money is garbage electronic units created at will by banks and governments, and democracies encroach into every nook and cranny of our lives.

In the past, empires died, citizens scattered to farms outside cities until things settled down, and gradually rebuilt their lives.

Now, farms are industrialised, there is nowhere to escape if the system breaks down, and people feed on people who feed on an increasingly denuded environment.

Eventually we will have nothing to feed on but each other.

What to do?

In the past, run away to Australia or the United States or Argentina or the South Pacific.

Now, become a government employee.  There is no other solution but to escape and run from the very source of civilization itself because with fractional reserve banking, central banking and the ever disruptive power of democratic government, the market cannot work.  Only escaping the market into the hands of guaranteed fiat money income can you survive.

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