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Not hyperinflation or deflation but destruction

No one gets the truth out of the whole hyperinflation/deflation debate.  Let me tell you the story as straight as I can.

The central banks of the whole will not allow hyperinflation.  Will not allow it.  Their clients are the banks.  Not speculators.  Banks do not like hyperinflation.  So it won’t happen.  There will be the odd sudden devaluation.  But not hyperinflation worldwide.

Nor will there be massive deflation.  There will be a continual, low, thrumming beat of churning bankruptcies and unemployment.  There will be ongoing malinvestments.  There will be the inexorable growth of state power and spending (just to keep the stupid banks alive with bond issuance).

We will have Japan.  By that I mean we will have every feature of the Japanese recession.  Asset deflation.  Unemployment.  Massive public debt with (irony of ironies) low inflation and low interest rates.  And, finally, an ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHE THAT WILL DESTROY OUR ABILITY TO SUCCESSFULLY FEED THE POPULATION.

We will end up eating processed dirt, grubs made into meat substitutes, and other horrible scientific cancer-causing fake food disasters.  Just as there is counterfeiting of our money, the dilution of our currency, the watering down of our savings, there will be the slow, inexorable, imperceptible watering down of the food supply.  Sugar will be treated as poison… to be replaced by… artificial sweeteners (ie real poisons).  Milk will be treated as a poison… to be replaced by… artificial soy concoctions that are chemical based.  Get it?

That is something no one – no one – but yours truly is predicting.

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