Get rich

There are two ways to get rich: (1) print money (2) earn it.  Oh… and allow it to fall in your lap through inheritance, marriage or good fortune.  But that can’t be planned.  And it’s easily lost.

Printing is easy.  No more needs to be said, other than kill anyone else planning the same thing.  In other words, become a politician or banker.

The rest of us have to earn it through voluntary transactions.  That’s hard.

Rich people apparently think differently.  It says so here.  Self-evidently rich people do things that make you rich.  They do not do things that guarantee you will not be rich.  So they start businesses.   They make new ideas and have better systems.  They focus on costs and efficiencies.  And they love what they do or move around until they find what they love.

I would also add they take opportunities that must exist but other people don’t take until everyone wants one.  They buy a property when it’s undervalued.  They push a new product without knowing for sure it will sell.  Until it does.  They DO.

What are you doing right now t make you or your family better off?

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