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OK, real solutions, concrete suggestions

For years I’ve been screaming economic chaos is coming.  OK, now it’s coming and everyone can see it.  For the foreseeable future I’m going to focus exclusively on investment ideas that will work NOW, until the whole thing blows up.  If it blows up, being as far away from the site of the explosion is crucial, and having a community that can provide essentials is also going to be priceless.

However, for now, let’s focus on making money.

Top ten investment tips RIGHT NOW:

1. High end property.  Anywhere.  Especially London and France.  And New York (of course).  So if you’re already rich, you will be even richer.

2. Miami property.

3. Hawaii property.

4. Argentinian resort property (NOTE:  Only because foreigners can buy.  If you’re local, Brazil, Uraguay, Ecuador, Cambodia and Burma are all much better).

5. Australia government bonds (low debt, high dollar, how can you go wrong?).

6. Gold and silver.  Platinum and copper.

7. Farmland.  Anywhere.  France, Switzerland, Tasmania (Australia), Canterbury NZ.

8. Australia:  Not great, but not bad, because of a strong dollar.  Beaches, resort towns, and up and comers like Perth.

9. South Pacific – Vanuata.

10. Short stocks.


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