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Mak’s new Gresham Law

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Bad drives out good.  In money and banking.

As John Maynard Keynes observed in 1931 during the Great Depression: “A sound banker, alas, is not one who foresees danger and avoids it, but one who, when he is ruined, is ruined in a conventional way along with his fellows, so that no one can really blame him.”

So bad money drives out good because government tries to control the price of bad money.

And bad, speculative, crazy bankers drive out good because they are the ones who make massive profits in the good times and are bailed out first in the bad times.  The good conservative bankers simply get swallowed up as wimps.


Our debt-based monetary system will break us

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It’s all here.  The writing’s been on the wall for a generation or more.  This madness has continued for longer than anyone believed possible.  But for how much longer?  And how will it all fall apart?

Deceptive calmness

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This is how I see the global economy:

It looks like everything is OK.  But it’s all on shaky foundations.  One more GFC and the whole thing will drown.

Can the central banks keep the tide from turning?

We shall see.

In a depression, start a war to distract the people

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So predictable.  And sad.

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Remember, remember

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On August 11, 2012 I wrote the following:

Based on Michael Rowbotham’s book The Grip of Death, I predicted an economically-induced sudden, synchronised environmental catastrophe that would wipe out grain and feedstock and cause food shortages and/or food price hyperinflation.  Well, here it comes.

This MUST occur due to residential property in the West gobbling up verdant fertile farmland.  So food is now grown in marginal soil, in marginal areas, with marginal fertility – and marginal rainfall.

We’ve basically concreted and bitumen-fucked our own food source.

If you want a definition of “malinvestment” – here it is.  We can put a robot on Mars but we won’t be able to feed ourselves.  That’s malinvestment via government intervention in the production and distribution of money.  Eggheads with Star Trek fantasies in government get the billions, but fertile farmland gets fucked over in a conversion to cheap apartment blocks.  We will soon be able to track the starvation via GPS on our iPhones.

Government control of capital distribution ALWAYS ends up in the bitter irony of high tech starvation.  Soviet Union.  Nazi Germany.  They all ended up with great government-funded technologies – and mass starvation of the ordinary people.

2013 is gonna get UGLY.  Hunker down.

This picture comes from Google, which is tracking the destruction from Sandy via GPS Satellite technology:

You can read about Google’s efforts to track the chaos here.

You really can now track starvation and chaos on your iPhone.

As predicted.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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