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Devalued currency, devalued food

How many times have I been screaming that devaulation in currencies and debasement of the monetary unit logically leads to devaluation of the food chain and debasement of our farming base?

How many?

Well, now Europe reaps the whirlwind.  Horsemeat in burgers, horsemeat throughout the food chain.

Of course.  Why not?

It’s just like water in milk.

And debased QE.  And depreciated currencies.

It’s all the same.

Trust is shot throughout the economy.  Desperate people doing desperate things to try to keep supply up when no one (no one) can supply with these kinds of low prices destroying the incentive to produce real food.

Those few who go to five star restaurants can be assured of their red meat.

The rest of us must be content with horse and rat meat.  Eventually.

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