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Welcome to Fascist Australia, where government and big business guarantee each other’s backsides!

Australia’s mommy central bank has put every fucking Australian bank to its teat and now has a PERMANENT bailout facility.

Message to bankers and bond traders:

Gamble, screw hookers, lose all the money trading on ponies at the races.  Whatever.  Embezzle and scam as much as you want.  You will be bailed out.

Meanwhile small businesses go to the wall, homeowners are kicked out of their homes, farmers are shooting themselves after a bad season.

But there’s never going to a bad season in Aussie banking.

Welcome to FASCIST OZ: Where the government and bankers are hand in glove.  Or fist in butt.

This is outrageous, disgusting.  This is a case study in insane moral hazard.  This is the definition of corruption.  With a supposedly “pro-worker” Labor government in power!  This is happening with their implied consent, under their very noses!  The RBA and the banks are doing as they please!

Taxpayers will be on the hook – like Ireland – if these fuckers fuck up.  And they will!  They must.  They are INCENTIVIZED to fuck up!

If anyone thought this country had any sovereignty at all, this just dispels the myth.  People often ask “Why have State Governments in this country?”

I ask, “Why have governments at all when we just take our commands from Basel or Washington?”

We were always a colony.  We never rebelled.  We deserve this cowardly gutless outcome.  The bankers screw us on the upside and kill us on the downside.

Call it the new “rape and slaughter” policy, brought to you by the local branch of the Rothschilds.

This is sickening.

Corrupt shyster bureaucrats have decisively chosen the “Irish” model over the “Iceland” model.  Let’s get into bed with the Devil rather than cut off his horns.  Let’s be fucked by the bankers rather than fuck them.

I want to leave this God forsaken cesspit of a corrupt country.  Now.

Even Singapore isn’t going this far.   I know we will become Ireland.  I know it.

Sad.  The sadness you get after a raging anger that can go nowhere.  God save us from our own folly.  Can we dodge another bullet when China slows?  I don’t know.  This insane policy guarantees debt slavery forever if we slip an inch from the growth path.  An inch.

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