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Cyrpus is the endgame

Governments and banks plunder real savings all the time through fractional reserve banking and concomitant inflation.

However people only realize what’s going on when international bankers and their government lackeys actually physically steal money from ordinary bank accounts and the people physically see the “money” in their account dwindle overnight by 10%.  Which is what happened in Cyprus over the weekend, with deposits of over €100,000 being plundered.  It’s a qualitative difference from what happens everyday but for some reason people only react to this kind of theft and not the more insidious everyday theft that is FRB.  See the cartoon below (Translation:  Give us your money, this is a stick up!):


We are at the end stage of the cancer where more and more desperate measures are needed to pay unrepayable debt back to creditors.

This is the graph that we are facing:


I estimate we are at around 68 on the graph.  The trip from 70 to 80 is going to be nothing short of horrific.  Greece and Cyprus are already on that downward path.  It’s ugly once the momentum starts picking up pace.  That’s when the bankers end up with everything and that sucking sound is real resources going back to the banks are credit shrinks and governments steal on behalf of the banking elite.

Once deposits start disappearing you know all pretence of civilization is lost and theft is now out in the open.  Common people be damned – you’re paying for our sins.  Bankers will use the media to “blame the debtor” for the debt, never the creditor for issuing the debt.  That is the way of the world today.


And almost incomprehensibly immoral.

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