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Are you alive? Then you have to gamble.

Interesting article from one of Australia’s most successful businessman, Gerry Harvey here and here.

First, he doesn’t donate to charity because there’s no point helping “no hopers”.  Fair enough.  I interpret that to mean he doesn’t want to waste resources and subsidizing people’s bad habits that got them into trouble in the first place will just delay them confronting their real problems and adjusting to reality and getting out of the rut they are in.

Second, he has been through huge trials and tribulations.  He lost $2 billion in a year in the GFC.  He’s made mistakes opening in Ireland and Slovakia.

BUT – he’s alive, he’s worth over a billion and he enjoys life.  He’s has grown from his mistakes and kept on going.  He’s has taken a punt on life and, basically, won.

That is admirable.  He’s found enjoyment in breeding racehorses to keep him going.

I admire his outlook and his success.

Even in this insane monetary world, some people still should be admired for what they do.  Gerry Harvey is one of them.

He is apparently not the most generous person in the world.  A born salesman.  But basically a good, hard-working, decent person.

At least he’s not a banker.

If you’re alive, find something you believe in and go for it.  Don’t die wondering.  Or you’re already dead.

Like that homeless guy you walked over the other day.  He stopped trying.  Which guarantees losing.

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