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The spinning top

You when you were a kid and you spun a spinning top and the top wobbled towards the end and went from side to side?

That’s exactly what is happening with the world economy.  We are in the swing of “deflation” with the warning  – just the warning – of the Fed “tapering” (not ending) QE – which is government-speak for buying failed assets from bankers with made-up electronic money.  So everything other than cash (in US dollar terms) is down.

The crisis somewhere (Brazil?  Greece again?  Somewhere else?) will kick in because the periphery always caves in with the slightest hint of a liquidity crisis, the Fed will be forced to pump more funny money into the system to get another month’s respite from criticism.

And so it will go until the swings become more and more violent.

What can you do?   Enjoy a walk with the dog.  Pay off your debts.  Do your job.  Forget about financial markets.  If you chase them, like a dog off a leash, you will get run over with this insane volatility.  Leave it to the insiders to time the movements in the gold price, the oil price and in stocks.

I suggest a little bit in gold, a little bit is US dollars, debt free property you can live in, and wait it out.  Most importantly get out of debt.


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