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Do I sound Apocalyptic?

September 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Sometimes I wonder whether my vision is too panic-driven.

Then I read Antal E Fekete.  And know in my bones I’m right.  His words:

The sound money movement had better reach a consensus on the Gold Bills Doctrine before it is too late, lest the world succumb to an unprecedented disaster, decimating the world’s population and destroying the world’s capital no way less catastrophic than a nuclear war.

Oh dear.

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What does the blow up look like?

September 26, 2013 Leave a comment

For those interested to know what Armageddon-like event I’m waiting for, Jim Willie explains it well:

The major currencies will be  forced to scurry like cockroaches in the dark to find and source gold bars for  renovation of the currencies themselves. The crumbling sovereign debt serves as  flawed foundation for the major currencies. The climax blow will be the  conversion of USTBonds and EuroBonds and UKGilts and JapGovtBonds into Gold  bullion that kills the current system and opens the door to the new system. With  great disruption, the new Paradigm Shift is in progress, unstoppable, but  offering hope for a better day, a better system, a more fair system, with  participants and savers given a just system. For three decades, Gold has had a  nemesis in the USTreasury Bond. The USTBond is dying, a wreck in progress. As  the old pillars fall and the new pillars rise, The Price of Gold will be set  free. It will reach $3000/oz when the COMEX defaults from empty inventory and Shanghai arbitrage, then  reach $5000/oz when the great conversion begins in earnest from USTBonds to  Gold bullion, then reach $7000/oz when the Gold Trade Settlement is installed  in its full glory. It is written. It shall be done.

Jim has been right on the overall picture, but wrong on market timing.  I don’t know when, but I know how and I know why and I know it will happen.  We could be dead before we know when though….

I can’t wait forever for the global monetary system to blow up in our collective faces

September 25, 2013 Leave a comment

I know gold is manipulated.  I know it will skyrocket when the crisis hits.  But that should have been 5 years ago.  And I want the blow up now.  Instead we’re getting more bubbles.  Everyone is talking about bubbles.  In housing In everything.

But when does this game of musical monetary chairs stop and we get some real fireworks and carnage?

I’ve been forced into housing by sheer momentum.  It’s going to blow but how can you stop being part of the madness?

Self-sufficient farmland is the best way to go.  But the yields are rubbish until Armageddon hits.

So we’re all slowly herded into the bubble to be slaughtered when it blows up.  What a wonderful monetary world we’re living in right now.  For around 99% of human history we’ve been on some kind of metallic monetary standard and had relatively (relatively) calm economic conditions so that people could focus on raising families, going to church, having sex, whatever.  Now we all obsess over whether QE will be “tapered”.  I have had the bad fortune of living in unusual fiat-money-bank-credit-Fed-central planning madness.

This whole ridiculous joke of Communist-style monetary central planning and corruption can’t be over soon enough.

But when?

Why I hate Apple

September 23, 2013 Leave a comment

I used to love Apple.  And hate Windows and Bill Gates.

Apple worked seamlessly.  It didn’t try to fuck with its customer base.  It didn’t put ads in my face.  It was about respecting the user and getting out of the way.

I should have bought Apple shares in the mid 1990s when I was one of the few fans of the products.

Then a year ago I felt like shorting Apple.  I was right.

With the brilliant iconic Steve Jobs passing away, the discipline to push the geeks into the back room has passed.  They have taken over.

The horrendously botched iOS7 rollout is the iconic example of a corporate clusterfuck of monumental proportions.  Google is hated, but do you have to hide the Google search engine just to prove it?  The font is from Hello Kitty.  The functionality is reduced.  My Apps have disappeared.  It is a fucking disaster.  Where was the PR?  Where was the explanation that you can’t go back?

Guess what?  They didn’t want you to go back.  There’s no going back.  They want you trapped.  In a worse experience than with Steve Jobs.  They are stamping on his grave.  I didn’t realize how much resentment was within Apple over Jobs until now.  They want to erase his memory.  And in doing so, they will erase the company.

They are idiots.  Jobs was a Buddhist.  I guarantee no one there is a Buddhist.  I guarantee the shares of Apple will slowly dwindle over the coming years.  Then collapse.  This shows the power of personality.  Both for good and bad.  Steve Jobs was a one-of-a-kind.  This fucked up OS upgrade proves it beyond a doubt.

All you need to know about investing this decade

September 11, 2013 Leave a comment


Life will be worse for most.  What more do you need to know?

(Graph shows increase in GDP per additional dollar of debt, for those too lazy to click on the link)