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Why I hate Apple

I used to love Apple.  And hate Windows and Bill Gates.

Apple worked seamlessly.  It didn’t try to fuck with its customer base.  It didn’t put ads in my face.  It was about respecting the user and getting out of the way.

I should have bought Apple shares in the mid 1990s when I was one of the few fans of the products.

Then a year ago I felt like shorting Apple.  I was right.

With the brilliant iconic Steve Jobs passing away, the discipline to push the geeks into the back room has passed.  They have taken over.

The horrendously botched iOS7 rollout is the iconic example of a corporate clusterfuck of monumental proportions.  Google is hated, but do you have to hide the Google search engine just to prove it?  The font is from Hello Kitty.  The functionality is reduced.  My Apps have disappeared.  It is a fucking disaster.  Where was the PR?  Where was the explanation that you can’t go back?

Guess what?  They didn’t want you to go back.  There’s no going back.  They want you trapped.  In a worse experience than with Steve Jobs.  They are stamping on his grave.  I didn’t realize how much resentment was within Apple over Jobs until now.  They want to erase his memory.  And in doing so, they will erase the company.

They are idiots.  Jobs was a Buddhist.  I guarantee no one there is a Buddhist.  I guarantee the shares of Apple will slowly dwindle over the coming years.  Then collapse.  This shows the power of personality.  Both for good and bad.  Steve Jobs was a one-of-a-kind.  This fucked up OS upgrade proves it beyond a doubt.

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