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A strange lull has descended on the world

There’s very little talk about the “shut down” of the US government.  Of course, it’s a game and the politicians will eventually vote to continue the farce, sucking off the few productive members of the enslaved populace.  But why no news of the pantomime?

Perhaps we really are getting close to the end.  When the MSM doesn’t report real stuff that’s made up and reports on trivial stuff instead (Mily Cyrus, other miscellaneous bullshit that doesn’t matter) it’s really getting brain-dead serious.

Are we really being treated like lambs the slaughter, dumbing us down so low that we won’t see what’s hit us when the blow up really comes?

You would think the US government shut down would get at least a little airplay.  But no.  Virtually none.

And despite all the QE-ing, bankers are depressed because the funny-money bubble blowing hasn’t actually resulted in a spontaneous bubble erupting somewhere on the landscape (except perhaps Aussie property and the Twitter IPO).

If bankers are depressed, what does that suggest?

We’ll all be depressed in a year’s time.  I wonder how.  I wonder when.

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