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Why America is doomed

Imagine a place – a village – where everyone had their place and respected and knew the “natural laws” of nature.  Religion gave them respect for these laws. Men were men, women were women, engineers were engineers and gold was money.  Out of these simple laws paradise was founded.  Success was encouraged because everyone knew that the system was fair and if someone was a successful person in a fair system, they deserved their success.

Then one day a desperate little group of refugees bangs at the gates of the village.

“We’re being killed, we’re being destroyed, we’re being persecuted!” they scream.

Some in the village say, “Don’t let them in.  They are the same people our forebears escaped from.  They are lying.  They will kill us if we allow them in.”

Some other say, “They sound serious.  We think they will die.  We cannot leave them outside the gates.”

Compassion allows them in.

They eat their meals hungrily, telling stories of the horrors of their persecution, but never telling the reasons for the conflict outside the village.

They work hard, but take over strategic positions in the village.  Gold is no longer money.  They control the banks, the professions.  They then say others are not worthy to be in positions of power and push others out.  They take the prettiest girls and party with them.

They take over the village.  Men are no longer men.  Women are no longer women.

And then the people realize why they were so desperate to be let in.  These people do this again and again wherever they go.

Even in America, the people are not strong enough to live amongst a parasitic minority.

And because it is not PC to say it, it is allowed to continue until the whole system collapses.

They should have listened to the wise men and kept the refugees out.  Now they know why they were refugees.

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