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1% chance of complete destruction – and stocks are up?

OK, so the debt ceiling is a farce and it’s 99% likely Oct 17 will roll around and the House and Senate will do a crummy deal like they always do and everything will be “right” again (by “right” I mean that everything will be calm on the surface – but completely unstable underneath, with a debt-doomsday clock still ticking away underneath the calm waters of fluff that is our unstable debt-based fiat monetary system).

But even with a 1% chance of catastrophe you’d think “safe” alternatives to T-bonds would go up.  Not down.  Up.  But gold is flat, silver is flat, euro is flat, everything is flat.  This is wrong.

But then, with this insane system we’re living in, what is right?  All I try to do now is guess what market is manipulated by the banks and guess which way they want the market to fall.  Up or down.  And then jump before they do.  Eventually fundamentals will reign supreme, but how long before that happens?  I don’t know.  I can’t say.  But it will happen.  Because even the central banks can pile up toxic shit for only so long before they get sick on their own vomit.

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