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Bitcoin could go anywhere

November 19, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ve been interested in Bitcoin for 12 months.  It’s not easy to buy in Australia but it is possible.  Is it easy once you do invest?  Yes.  Is it money?  I think so.  Is it worth investing in?  As I said when it was $200 (it’s now $800) yes.  Why?  Because unless the government shuts down the internet it will “work” as secret money.


Drop Dead Fed

November 15, 2013 Leave a comment

The US Fed is turning 100 on December 23.

I will burn a small effigy of Alan Greenspan in tribute to its destructive power.

For more background on this Satanic Institution, I refer you to this comprehensive history, describing how it destroyed countries and facilitated wars.

As Ron Paul aptly states:

It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking

Don’t make me laugh

November 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Central banks are apparently trying “shock and awe” to wake markets up.

Don’t make me laugh.

It’s so obvious what they do.  Which is to lower interest rates and print more e-money.

That’s all they do.  That’s all they ever do.

CO2 emissions, brought to you by your friendly idiotic government official

November 8, 2013 Leave a comment

Smoke blankets Sydney again.

At least some of this is caused by “backburning”.  Backburning means green trees are being burnt in the hope that by burning them fewer trees are burnt in future.  Better for government officials to get in first and have the fun rather than mother nature.   Mother nature is uncontrolled.  Government fire authorities always know best and never make mistakes.  Rather like the Pope with matches.

Unfortunately that has resulted in weeks of choking smoke haze throughout the metro area of Sydney.

images smoke

These fires are causing “hazardous” conditions in Sydney.

Where is the screaming about CO2 emissions?  Where is the screaming about pollution?

Not a word.  Because if government does it, it must be good.  If the private sector was doing this, they’d go to jail.

No one has suggested an obvious practical alternative to this yearly bushfire madness – allow private industry to cut down and utilize sections of the bush each year without having to back-burn.  It would save on CO2 emissions.  It would allow clearing of undergrowth thereby removing excessive fuel for bushfires in future years.  It would also make money.  It would also sequester CO2 in furniture or wood chips or mulch or whatever, rather it being burnt and contributing (massively) to the existing pollution problem, with no economic value being created alongside this insane activity.

Why is no one suggesting this?  Is it because the insane greenies think massive bushfires every three years where thousands of animals get burnt to death is preferable to allowing humans to “exploit” the bush?

With this kind of logic at the highest levels of government I know, deep in my bones, the human race is doomed.

Where to invest now?

November 6, 2013 Leave a comment

I haven’t done a “where to invest” for a while so just to clarify:

1. Real estate.  If the government wants you in real estate, with low interest rates and subsidies (and open doors to foreign investors) why not join the Ponzi scheme until it collapses?

2. Cash.

3. Selective stocks.  If you must gamble.

4. Bitcoin.

5. Gold and silver.

6. Farmland.

7. Food and water.

The last three will do nothing for 10 years then explode.  So don’t expect 10% gains.  Expect nothing.  Then everything, all of a sudden.


Why is gold down?

November 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Because the Western Central Banks are selling.

But that can’t continue forever….

All the signals point to the same conclusion. The system is breaking down. The towers  are falling. The paper mache structures have withered. The derivative machinery has been jammed. The confidence in the paper based system has vaporized. Nobody can foretell when the new system will arrive, but its description can be  offered in rough terms. It will be from a Global Currency Reset, with a vast redemption of USTreasurys, a lost USDollar global currency reserve, and discredited sovereign bond backbone for all major  currencies. It will feature a Gold Trade Standard, with trade settled on a net basis with gold bullion, supported by gold intermediary bankers. It will rely upon Gold Trade Notes that serve as Letters of Credit. It will see a massive Gold Trade Central Bank, whose embryonic form is noted in the BRICS Bank. Expect the bank to function as a processing plant at a later date, to convert  USTBonds into Gold bullion. The same bank will process UKGilts, EuroBonds, and  JapGovtBonds into Gold Bullion. The de-centralized system will be trade based,  not bank based. Trade rules will dictate banking rules, to displace the Anglo  banker hegemony. The New York and London offices, even the  Swiss offices, will attempt to continue their sabotage. But they can only win  delays. See the tactics exerted upon the G-20 Meetings. The BRICS initiatives  and formal progress are led by Russia  & China.  They cannot be stopped, mainly because they attempt survival by establishing  the next chapter’s architecture.

The Grand Paradigm Shift is in progress. My sources indicate that the 5000 metric tons of  Gold bullion moved from London  to points East between April and July 2012. The flow eastward never stopped.  The pace has continued. The Gold bullion continues to be shipped in enormous staggering volume. The Gold Community has only a rudimentary comprehension of what is happening in the clandestine shipment of gold. The pillars of the  community seem either unaware or unwilling to report anything but the supersized Chinese purchases through the Hong Kong window, the Indian demand, and the Turkish demand. My belief is they lack insider contacts on the phenomenon movement of gold by the White Dragon Family and their Triad escorts. The agreements have already been made on the new Gold Trade Settlement system with its newly imposed Gold Trade Standard. They have agreed on a $7000/oz gold price, with a similarly exalted silver price of at least $250/oz. Decisions have been made final. The implementation is slow but steady. The game is over. The King Dollar is dead. All that remains is the funeral, the war in its wake, and the retaliation from the Satanic fortress and its legion of diabolical subjects.

Not so Cabo!

November 4, 2013 Leave a comment

From Jim Willie:

Some readers might believe that my public warnings are exaggerated, as a national condition is described with hyperbole. Not so, Cabo!! The American citizens have seen their home equity largely depleted, long regarded as their inflation hedge. Now they have none. The same citizens have seen their pension plans largely depleted, long depended upon for future retirement income. The same citizens have seen their Social Security Trust Fund ransacked, long depended upon for basic future financial support. The same citizens have been treated like  criminals for association with Occupy Wall Street, the billyclub wielded by the FBI. The same citizens have been subjected to a long list of Executive Decrees, which gut their civil liberties and bill of rights, long regarded as the bastion of freedoms. The same citizens have been victimized by banker fraud, protected by the Too Big To Fail mantra. The same citizens have been exploited by the military industrial complex in predatory wars and narcotics vertically integrated business, their bodies mere cannon fodder, their coffins filled with heroin, the suicide rate extreme among soldiers due to stress and rape. The same citizens were recently exposed to false flag events in Syria, where the chemical weapon perpetrator is  a US ally with home on the Persian Gulf. The same citizens are now exposed to chemtrail toxic atmospheric lacing and Pacific radiation, thus the air and water gradually unfit for habitation and nourishment. So conclude the exaggerations are perhaps on target. Beware the Warsaw Factor mixed with the Stockholm Syndrome, which will not be explained. Do the research. The safety valves are gold & silver ownership and a ticket off the USS Titanic. The golden lifeboats are in short supply. Actually they have been in short supply for two years, their shortage more acute with each passing month.