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CO2 emissions, brought to you by your friendly idiotic government official

Smoke blankets Sydney again.

At least some of this is caused by “backburning”.  Backburning means green trees are being burnt in the hope that by burning them fewer trees are burnt in future.  Better for government officials to get in first and have the fun rather than mother nature.   Mother nature is uncontrolled.  Government fire authorities always know best and never make mistakes.  Rather like the Pope with matches.

Unfortunately that has resulted in weeks of choking smoke haze throughout the metro area of Sydney.

images smoke

These fires are causing “hazardous” conditions in Sydney.

Where is the screaming about CO2 emissions?  Where is the screaming about pollution?

Not a word.  Because if government does it, it must be good.  If the private sector was doing this, they’d go to jail.

No one has suggested an obvious practical alternative to this yearly bushfire madness – allow private industry to cut down and utilize sections of the bush each year without having to back-burn.  It would save on CO2 emissions.  It would allow clearing of undergrowth thereby removing excessive fuel for bushfires in future years.  It would also make money.  It would also sequester CO2 in furniture or wood chips or mulch or whatever, rather it being burnt and contributing (massively) to the existing pollution problem, with no economic value being created alongside this insane activity.

Why is no one suggesting this?  Is it because the insane greenies think massive bushfires every three years where thousands of animals get burnt to death is preferable to allowing humans to “exploit” the bush?

With this kind of logic at the highest levels of government I know, deep in my bones, the human race is doomed.

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