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Now I understand!

January 26, 2014 Leave a comment

I was wondering why there were seismic shifts in the tectonic plates.  $A down.  Emerging markets pummelled.  Stocks plummeting.

China’s credit fuelled boom is collapsing.  See here.

Economists like to say there is a “disorderly” breakdown at the end of a credit-fuelled boom.  I like to say the Ponzi scheme stops and the shit hits the fan when everyone realizes asset prices are about to collapse and someone is going to be left holding the bag (of debt).

China is about to collapse.

OK, well it all makes sense if that happens.  US bonds will go up.  Gold will go up.  Everything else will die.


I was wondering what was going on.  Now I know.

Back to sleep everyone….



2014 – The Year of the Chicken Coming Home to Roost?

January 25, 2014 Leave a comment

I know 2014 is supposed to be the year of the Horse, but I’m beginning to suspect it’s the year of the Chicken Coming Home to Roost.

20 Signs that Things are Bad.


QE to the coke-snorting Wall Street bankers still around $75 billion a month (making it over $16 trillion in central bank support to bankers – enough to feed every poor child in the world since 2008), resulting in the biggest government intervention in world history, distorting every market in the world, causing surpluses and deficits in markets everywhere.


World fucked by Fukushima.  Government politicians oblivious to reality and butt-covering bureaucrats blind to their own madness.


This is a recipe for another wild ride in 2014.

Hold on tight.  Currencies are going to go everywhere.  Where this ends up nobody knows.  But the shit is close to hitting the fan and when it does, duck for cover.

A$ dying

January 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Something is going on.  Developing countries’ currencies are dying (see Argentine peso).  A$ decline is relentless.  Chinese banking system is in some trouble (to what degree only God knows).  The US is still agitating a brain dead irradiated and polluted Japan to pick a fight with China.

I feel something is brewing.  Perhaps a “hit” on China to force the money (and gold) back to “safe haven” US?

Nothing to do other than get some money into US$ and some money out of A$.  Nothing crazy but definitey I see the $A continuing to decline in this environment.

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Legal Plunder

January 20, 2014 Leave a comment


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The long wait

January 19, 2014 1 comment

I have been waiting precisely 12 years for complete financial collapse.  I have felt bad for most of that time, impatient for collapse.  During that time I only felt “myself” in 2007-2008.  I went to work happy.  Everything was collapsing around me.  The world was turning in its right orbit.  Bankers were getting their just deserts.  They were afraid.  Oil was up.  Food was up.  Asset prices were collapsing except gold, which was skyrocketing.  The world was recalibrating in precisely the direction it needed to go, precisely the direction it should go, precisely the direction I predicted it had to go.

Then the government really took control.

QE has been going five years now.   Five long years.  Trillions have been used to prop up banks.  Trillions that could have saved millions in poverty.  Trillions that could have built cities entirely living off solar power.  Trillions that could have been deployed in countless more exciting and more productive ways than giving bankers on Wall Street the money to blow it on hookers and coke and Patek Phillipe watches and vintage cars and art.

Remember when Superman turned the world the “wrong” way on its axis to turn back time?  Well the world has been pushed by government and the bankers the “wrong way” for five years now.  And I’ve increasingly become disillusioned and depressed.  Stocks have shot up, but yields have collapsed because they really don’t earn much money.  Unemployment has skyrocketed but the political establishment seems as secure as ever, with the Occupy Movement now a distant memory, the flame having been snuffed out with police thuggery and violence.  Property madness is again fashionable.  Bonds have not collapsed.  Gold, oil and food are all down.  Down!

Basically every asset that should have gone down went up and every asset that should have gone up went down.  It took them 4 years to get control of gold, but they eventually killed that price signal too.

What’s left from the carnage?

Bitcoin.  Farmland.  Fiji property far far away from the madness (or some other island of your choosing).

I still believe gold and silver and oil and foodstuffs will come back but I have to get past government price controls to believe and I have been reminded these past three years just how powerful government is.  If you have to make a bet between the government and the people bet against the people and with the government every time, at least in the short run.

Gold and silver and oil and food and farmland will all come back.  But I don’t know whether it’s soon.  And I don’t know whether the collapse will be in my lifetime.

Murray Rothbard was right, but didn’t see gold touch $500 before his death.

I hope to survive to see my dream come true – financial collapse, gold exploding as money again, and the wiping out of the financial centers of the world.

I can only hope and dream.  And pray.

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People don’t want to know, so the game continues until it all falls apart

January 9, 2014 Leave a comment

If you’re on a train and the train driver can’t see two feet ahead of himself, get off that train.

Our “leaders” cannot see one foot in front of themselves, let alone 2.

QE is a joke.  The economy is most manipulated in world history, arguably more manipulated than Soviet Russia in its heyday.  Surpluses (iPhones, drugs, hookers, fiat money) are everywhere.  Deficits (arable quality land, quality food, gold and silver) are everywhere.

This cannot end well.  We are too far down the rabbit hole to get out now.

But no one wants to know.

Fukushima nuclear disaster means decades of human disaster on a scale unprecedented in human history

January 8, 2014 Leave a comment

How long have I been screaming about the cover up? How long have I been saying this is worse than Chernobyl?

See hereAnd here.

Note:  I am basing these conclusions on the science and reputable academic reports.  Not on hysteria.  The simple fact for anyone who knows anything about spent fuel rods is that if the water doesn’t keep cooling those highly toxic spent fuel rods and they go into meltdown then the emission of plutonium and other highly radioactive substances could damage life on the planet for hundreds of years.  Hundreds of years.

Let me be clear about the implications should this 50/50 situation turn bad:

1. West Coast US will be depopulated as people suddenly realise thyroid cancers and health issues are skyrocketing.  Bald eagles are already falling from the sky.

2. Fish will be off limits.  How many people eat fish?  Tuna is already down 95%A whole food chain is being destroyed as the human population continues to explode.  How does that work in the long term?  Answer – it doesn’t.  Poverty and starvation rates have to increase.  Crime and lawlessness will have to increase.  Greece 2.0 around the western world, especially West Coast US.

3. Economic growth will crash as people realise the implications for the whole of the west coast of the US.  And Japan.  People will try to emigrate.  To Australia.  To Argentina.  Anywhere to get away from the risks.

This is all so predictable.  It’s slow because the cover up is so massive.  But as it leaks out, so will the population.