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2014, 2013

13 was an unlucky year for my predictions, I admit.

Gold was down.  Badly.

I’m certainly not surprised and I wasn’t buying this year, so it’s no big deal for me.  But it still hurts to see its largest price drop in 30 years.  Admittedly the last couple of years have seen it go up the most in 30 years.  So it is nothing if not volatile.

Three years into the decade, I still have the following predictions for investment:

1. Gold and Silver.

2. Residential property.  In Sydney, and in pockets of the US.

3. Bitcoin.

4. Selective growth stocks.  Like Freelancer.  Dominos.  Flight Centre.

5. Banks.  Until they blow up.

So it’s steady on banks and fiat money until the whole thing blows up and then it’s farmland and gold.

I can’t tell you when this bubble will burst so a little bit in banks and a little bit in gold and lots in your mortgage is the way to go.

See you in 2014.

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