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The long wait

I have been waiting precisely 12 years for complete financial collapse.  I have felt bad for most of that time, impatient for collapse.  During that time I only felt “myself” in 2007-2008.  I went to work happy.  Everything was collapsing around me.  The world was turning in its right orbit.  Bankers were getting their just deserts.  They were afraid.  Oil was up.  Food was up.  Asset prices were collapsing except gold, which was skyrocketing.  The world was recalibrating in precisely the direction it needed to go, precisely the direction it should go, precisely the direction I predicted it had to go.

Then the government really took control.

QE has been going five years now.   Five long years.  Trillions have been used to prop up banks.  Trillions that could have saved millions in poverty.  Trillions that could have built cities entirely living off solar power.  Trillions that could have been deployed in countless more exciting and more productive ways than giving bankers on Wall Street the money to blow it on hookers and coke and Patek Phillipe watches and vintage cars and art.

Remember when Superman turned the world the “wrong” way on its axis to turn back time?  Well the world has been pushed by government and the bankers the “wrong way” for five years now.  And I’ve increasingly become disillusioned and depressed.  Stocks have shot up, but yields have collapsed because they really don’t earn much money.  Unemployment has skyrocketed but the political establishment seems as secure as ever, with the Occupy Movement now a distant memory, the flame having been snuffed out with police thuggery and violence.  Property madness is again fashionable.  Bonds have not collapsed.  Gold, oil and food are all down.  Down!

Basically every asset that should have gone down went up and every asset that should have gone up went down.  It took them 4 years to get control of gold, but they eventually killed that price signal too.

What’s left from the carnage?

Bitcoin.  Farmland.  Fiji property far far away from the madness (or some other island of your choosing).

I still believe gold and silver and oil and foodstuffs will come back but I have to get past government price controls to believe and I have been reminded these past three years just how powerful government is.  If you have to make a bet between the government and the people bet against the people and with the government every time, at least in the short run.

Gold and silver and oil and food and farmland will all come back.  But I don’t know whether it’s soon.  And I don’t know whether the collapse will be in my lifetime.

Murray Rothbard was right, but didn’t see gold touch $500 before his death.

I hope to survive to see my dream come true – financial collapse, gold exploding as money again, and the wiping out of the financial centers of the world.

I can only hope and dream.  And pray.

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  1. Matt Barrett
    January 24, 2014 at 11:54 am

    Don’t despair KIK. Something has got to give.
    Personally my money is on a pandemic – imagine what a 20% reduction in world population will do to house prices! And from there …

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