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Bad Idea 2014: Have Your City Host an Event

Melbourne has died over the last two decades as a functioning flourishing city.  It goes from “event” to “event” like a circus roadshow, with the cronies and hangers-on partying and getting drunk on public funds, while the middle class collapses on mortgage repayments, drug addiction or casino gambling.

This is a simple story repeated over and over.  It’s just that Melbourne’s brain dead politicians always do the dumbest shit, in the most inane way possible.

Here is the academic answer to why one-off events in your city is a bad idea:

I’ve long hated this sort of boosterism practiced by chambers of commerce and economic development corporations. Behind all the localized rah-rah stuff is nothing more than a bunch of politicians and local corporatists lobbying for prestige products that do nothing to improve the local economy, but instead cost many millions of dollars for heavy-handed policing imposed on a city where local businesses do not benefit, and are in fact made worse off by the heightened  security and tax bills.

Quite so.

Pity Melbourne (and Greece) didn’t get the message earlier.

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