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Am I crazy or is the whole world crazy?

How often have I been screaming that fractional reserve banking creates perverse incentives to concrete over precious arable land for suburban homes?  How often?  How often have I predicted environmental disaster – not because of climate change – but because of insane banking practices?  How often?

Well, here it comes.  How maddeningly predictable.

Every time fractional reserve banking has gotten out of control there have been dust bowls.  Why?  Because fertile land was concreted over for speculative land development which then takes decades to re-balance.

I want to die before there’s a full blown environmental crisis because I won’t be able to take it when all the commentators blame capitalism or climate change when that’s not the real cause.

Oh, and by the way – flooding in London in 2014 and Brisbane in 2011 was substantially caused by over-development, leaving stormwater to flush down poorly planned sewage systems, rather than be soaked up on farmland where the water used to find its proper home.

I hate the stupidity of the majority.  They deserve to die but they won’t, they will continue to steal from the productive minority until all the farmland is bitumen-fucked to death.

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