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OK I admit defeat

November 3, 2014 Leave a comment

OK this insane QE is completely out of hand.

Stocks and bonds are being bought directly by central banks around the world.  The US Fed stops QE only for its colonial slave Japan to take up the task on its behalf on the day US QE ends.  This will never end.

The mainstream story is that Europe is in a slump because they didn’t try QE.  Rubbish.  Most of the “benefit” of QE flowed to European banks if you look at the numbers.

What does this mean for investors?  Well, in the short term, stocks and housing are still good bets despite insane valuations and low yields because the monetary mandarins will clearly do everything in their considerable power to prop them up.

Inequality is a major short and long term issue.  Food is a major long term issue.  Water is a major long term issue.

But who is looking at the long term?  Not me!

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