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What $US10 trillion buys you today

You’d think US$10 trillion would buy you a lot.  Sadly with today’s inflation it doesn’t buy much.  Yes, it might buy you half the annual economic output of the EU or the US.   Yes, it might buy you all the real estate – every square inch – of land in Australia and New Zealand (both commercial and residential).  But it doesn’t buy you peace of mind.


US$10 trillion has been spent by central banks to resuscitate world economies and move those economies from crisis to growth.

It didn’t work.  Unemployment is still shockingly high in Europe, growth is dying everywhere (including China) and nothing – nothing – lasting has been achieved.

Oh and Greece and the whole Euro area are in existential crisis.

As I said, US$10 trillion doesn’t buy you much these days.

Next time let’s spend it on something worthwhile.  Diamond encrusted guillotines for every fractional reserve banker in the world today.  I reckon that would cost around $50 million, given the repeated use guillotines achieved in the French Revolution.  Are you telling me that’s not better value?

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