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January 8, 2016 Leave a comment

After 5 years of insane malinvestment the world is finally – finally – seeing the fruits of its trillions of dollars of labor.  The fruit of the $10 trillion of central bank money used to save the financial system is going to be… wait for it… yes… yet ANOTHER financial crisis.

I envisage the markets today as a spinning top as it beings to slow down, wobbling from side to side, this way and that.  The volatility is making everything wobble, causing oil to go up and then down, stocks to go up and then down, until the whole world crashes to a terrifying slump.

This particular generation of humans – living off fractional reserve banking speculation and central bank bailouts – is the economically dumbest and yet most technologically advanced in history.  We will have apps on our iPhones and on Google Maps to see in real time the collapse of our food supply, the nuclear radiation spewing from Fukushima, and the destruction of our retirement funds.

We will have the highest of high-end technology to view problems caused by the most basic and fundamental of issues – the global mispricing of assets around the world.  This has NEVER happened at the same time all around the world.  The swirling and spinning is occurring at an incredible pace because of globalization – but it would not happen if prices were set by something stable.  Like… I don’t know… like gold.

This level of paper/government/bankster-induced mispricing hasn’t happened since John Laws France, China’s Cultural Revolution, or the madness of the Soviet Union.  Who said communism didn’t win?  Free markets have been killed.  Strangled without so much as a whimper of protest from the populace.

Communism has in fact won without having to shoot one real bullet.  It came slowly, behind the scenes, via central banking and the supposedly “capitalist” bankers – communists in suits.

Global central bankers planning their way to today’s complete and utter disaster.  That seems like a communist “win” to me.

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