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Food contamination

I have been predicting economically-induced food debasement and food contamination problems throughout the Western world for at least three years, on this very blog.  Indeed, just in recent months!

And now Australia has been hit – shock horror! – with a major food contamination scare involving Hepatitis A in imported frozen berries from China.  Why?  Apparently because Chinese businesses are trying to “save money” by putting human faeces directly into soil used for growing food!  Yum YUM!

Unsurprisingly this isn’t a good idea from a food hygiene/food contamination perspective.

See here and here.

No one predicted these kinds of issues arising in Australia.  No one points out this is inevitable due to perverse incentives embedded within our current monetary and economic system.  These things apparently just “fall from the sky” as random events.

That’s complete bullshit.  I predicted them here on these pages.  There will be more scandals and crises.  It is inevitable.  It is part of the monetary system.  It is part of the perverse incentives inherent in a system that produces paper-pushers and computer desk jockeys trading paper rather than encouraging (and providing reasonable financial returns to) real people producing real stuff (like real food).

David Graeber calls this the glorification of do-nothing paper shuffling and I agree.

When you have this kind of completely screwed up monetary system there will inevitably be created more and more psycho-nerd autistic bankers on the one hand, and fewer and fewer real, caring farmers on the other.

These are economic problems with economic causes and economic solutions, not random events or problems amenable to political solutions.

Solve the money problem and you solve resource allocation problems and you solve the food crisis.  That crisis is here.  And it’s going to get much, much worse.

In the madness that is locked in to the stupidity of the mainstream, no one can hear you scream.

I know correlation isn’t causation, but do these graphs look suspiciously similar to you?



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